Philosophy of Association

Targets and goals


The main aim of Association` activity is providing execution of requirements of Clients of any member Cleaning Station with providing with high-quality service and care over environment. Methods of cleaning process promoted by Association should guarantee that cleaning process complies with requirements of European chemical plant and is provided with understanding of responsibility over ecological side of the process.


Companies which take membership in Association have to account during providing business activity also responsibility  to the society, their employees, country ecology, state bodies and their interests.


General responsibility is divided into HSEQ&Sec subjects:

Member Companies should promote general culture of safe behavior with aim to prevent any injuries or diseases during execution of cleaning works and other activity in work and out of work time. This culture has to concern choosing of proper installations and tools and equipping of work and rest areas, proper organization of work processes minimizing risks to human health and life, general behavior of employees over their own health, other peoples, technic and different substances.


Safety /

Protection of work process

Cleaning process should be organized in the way which prevents harm to health of employees and other participial persons. This care concerns not only the construction of work place and choosing of right equipment and cleaning agents but also supplying with enough rest, medical regular examination and accompanying, proper general circumstance of being at work. Healthy, rested and being in good mood employees are one of the main constituents of effective cleaning process.


Health /

Care over health

High-quality service and guaranteed result should provide full cleaning of surfaces from residues of products and cleaning agents having minimal resources consumption. Additional services (as vacuum-test, pH-neutral test, gasket removing etc) let to better prepare tank according to specific requirements of particular planned for loading cargo.   Equipment, installations and tools, cleaning agents and right organization of work process as well as set of correct procedures should provide high-quality cleaning with minimal time spend. Performing of cleaning works with proper quality should be preliminary agreed with issuing order for cleaning  from the Client to the Cleaning Station and then to be confirmed with Cleaning Certificate with unique number which is the evidence of responsibility of Cleaning Station for the result.  Each reclamation for cleaning quality should be registered and investigated with detection of root causes of reclamation and corrective actions for prevention of such reasons for reclamation in future.


Quality /


Company has to execute environmental requirements and minimize any possible harm to ecology. Association will fight against deep-seated in post-soviet countries nihilism to environmental protection. Each Cleaning Station is directly tied with chemicals handling and thus has special responsibility over prevention of coming of chemical products and washing agents to environment or canalization/drainage. All residues of chemical cargoes and their mixes and emulsions with water and cleaning agents which appeared as a result of cleaning process should be treated or utilized in a method that provides full elimination of chemicals from the liquid and their following utilization according to legislation of Ukraine. All other waste and garbage appeared during working activity should be disposed according to Ukrainian legislation. Also it`s necessary to establish such a cleaning process which provides minimization of consumption of water, energy resources, cleaning agents etc. During choosing of variants of equipment, installation, tools it`s necessary to take in account durability, abilities to recycle and utilization, usage of renewal resources.


Environment /

Protection of the environment

Working process should provide full confidentiality of Client`s operations with prevention of fraud usage of Cleaning Certificate or its blanc for other actions or for formalization of activities which weren`t done really. It`s necessary to provide information security of Client`s data as well as of data concerns Client`s partners, cargo, producers and other details over operations which connected with Client. Also it`s necessary to control transmition of chemicals or wastes to prevent their unauthorized removal and not-allowed usage. Measurements for site security should prevent entry of unauthorized peoples to the Cleaning Station territory or being of not involved to the cleaning process persons at the place of cleaning works performing and to provide security of information, saving material values, prevention of harm to the life and health of people.


Security /



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